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  • Phone: +39 +39 0461 314549
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Short bio

Shahab is currently a PhD student in the University of Trento and he is a member of Human Language Technology group at FBK research center. Shahab was born in Tehran, IRAN (1985). He recieved his B.Sc. (2009) and M.Sc. (2012) in the field of computer engineering and artificial intelligence from Iran University of Science and Technology. For the M.Sc. Degree, he did his research on speech processing and pattern recognition. Accent classification and acoustic model adaptation for American English accents and Persian accents were his major topics. Currently he is working on Neural Network Language Modeling and the methods of using these complex LMs for improving the ASR results.

Research interests
Speech Recognition Language Modeling Deep Learning Pattern Recognition
Personal documents


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  • Shahab Jalalvand and Daniele Falavigna, "Direct Word Graph Rescoring using A* Search and RNNLM", In INTERSPEECH2014, Singapore, 2014. (.pdf)


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  • Shahab Jalalvand, Ahmad Akbari, Babak Nasersharif, "A Classifier Combination Approach for Farsi Accents Recognition”, In ICEE2012, pp. 716-720, Tehran, Iran, May. 15-17, 2012 (Best Presentation Award) (.pdf)