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Doctoral Students Alumni

  • Nicholas Ruiz, Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, April, 2016. Dissertation:"Speech Adaptation Modelling for Statistical Machine Translation". Currently, he is a senior  scientist at Interaction LLC, USA. 
  • Prashant Mathur, Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, April, 2016. Dissertation:"Adaptation Methods for Statistical Machine Translation In Business Scenarios", Currently, he is a research scientist at eBay inc. in Aachen, Germany. 
  • José Guilherme Camargo de Souza, Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, April, 2016. Dissertation: "Adaptve Quality Estimation for Machine Translation and Automatic Speech Recognition". Currently, he is a reserach scientist at eBay inc. in Aachen, Germany. 
  • Vishal Khadake, former Phd student at HLT-MT.  
  • Arianna Bisazza, Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, April, 2013. Dissertation: "Linguistically Motivated Reordering Modeling for Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation". Currently, she is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Yashar Mehdad, Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, March 23, 2012. Dissertation: "Cross Lingual Textual Entailment and Applications". Currently, he is senior ML/NLP scientist at Airbnb, in San Francisco.
  • Christian Hardmeier, former PhD student at U. Trento, he left in 2011 to start a PhD program at University of Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Daniele Pighin, Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, May 26, 2010. Dissertation: "Greedy Feature Selection in Tree Kernel Spaces". After a postdoc at UPC Barcelona he joined Google Inc. in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Dino Seppi, degree obtained: Doctorate in Computer Science, U. Bolzano/Bozen, 2008. "Dissertation: Prosody in Automatic Speech Processing". After holding a post doctoral position at FBK-irst, Dino moved to Polderland Language & Speech Technology in Nijmegen (NL), then to Leuven University (Belgium) and now he is researcher at Nuance Communications Inc.
  • Matteo Gerosa, degree obtained: Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, Mar 2006. Dissertation: "Automatic Speech Recognition for Children". After holding post-doc positions at U. of Southern California and at FBK-irst, Matteo joined in 2010 an innovation lab of FBK.
  • Nicola Bertoldi, degree obtained: Doctorate in Mathematics, U. Trento, February 2005. Dissertation: "Statistical Models and Search Algorithms for Machine Translation". Now staff researcher at FBK in the HLT-MT Research Unit.
  • Vanessa Sandrini, degree obtained: Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, Mar 2005. Dissertation: "Systematic Comparison of Maximum Entropy Models for Tagging Problems". Now at VMEC srl, Verona.
  • Vu Hai Quan, degree obtained: Doctorate in ICT, U. Trento, Mar 2005 Dissertation: "Applications of Word Graphs in Spoken Language Processing". After a post-doc at Katholic University Leuven, he joined University of Science Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is now associate professor and vice-president for international relationships.
  • Laurens Van der Werff, PhD student candidate, Nov 2004-Apr 2005. After leaving FBK, he joined the PhD program at U. of Twente, Netherlands, where he graduated in 2012 and currently holds a post-doctoral position.