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Speech technology @ Trento: a retrospective view. Symposium in memory of Gianni Lazzari.

Event date: 
Friday, 2 December, 2016 - 15:00 to 18:00
Sala Stringa - FBK, Povo, Trento

This internal and informal symposium wants to honor the memory of our former colleague Gianni Lazzari, one year after his death, by addressing one of the topics into which he put significant energy and enthusiasm during his career: speech technology. The symposium will be arranged in two parts. First, two talks will survey research and development of speech technology at FBK (formerly IRST) over the past 25 years. In the second part, a panel discussion will collect stories, facts and opinions about the evolution of research and innovation at our research center, from the foundation at IRST until the present days. Beyond the exercise of recollecting memories from the past, the aim of this event is also to let emerge, and thus make younger researchers aware of, the legacy of experience that our center has accumulated over the years and to which also Gianni has significantly contributed.


15:00 Introduction. Diego Giuliani

15:10 Talk: From Dictation to Translation: a 25-year Journey. Marcello Federico

15:50 Talk: Challenges with acoustic and speech signal processing. Maurizio Omologo

16:20 Coffee Break

16:30 Meeting Room Dedication. Andrea Simoni, Paolo Traverso

16:40 Panel: Research and Innovation at FBK: the past and the present [in Italian]. Moderator: Bruno Caprile; Panelists: Alessandro Tescari (Pervoice) Cesare Furlanello, Paolo Tonella.

17:40 Conclusion