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PhD Fellowships to start in 2017

Expiration: MAY 31, 2017

The HLT-MT unit of FBK will sponsor two project specific grants for doctoral students starting with the A.Y. 2017-2018:

Title: Deep Learning for Machine Translation

Available positions: 2

Nowadays, human translation and machine translation are no longer antithetical opposites. Rather, the two worlds are getting closer and started to complement each other. On one side, the evolution of translation industry is witnessing a clear trend towards the adoption of Machine Translation (MT) as a primary support to professional translators. On the other side, the variety of data that can be collected from human feedback provides to MT research an unprecedented wealth of knowledge about the dynamics (practical and cognitive) of the translation process. The future is a symbiotic scenario where humans are assisted by reliable MT technology that, at the same time, continuously evolves by learning from translators activity. This grant aims to transform this vision into reality.

The candidate will team up a world-class research effort developing novel MT technology capable to integrate information obtained unobtrusively from real professional translation workflows. Relevant topics include: machine translation, machine learning, deep learning,  sequence-to-sequence models, error analysis,  domain and user adaptation. 

No specific knowledge of languages nor linguistics is required, while strong programming skills are a must. Students will have access to a state of the art cluster with 1520 CPUs and 24 last generation GPUs, and to large cloud computing facilities with  both CPUs and GPUs. Machine translation is a very active field, both in academia and industry, and offers great opportunities for internships and job placements.                                         

Doctoral fellowships will be formally pursued at the ICT International Doctoral School of the University of Trento. The program starts in November 2017, has a length of three years and includes attendance of courses during the first two years, while the third is fully dedicated to research work. An internship period is also foreseen.

Details of the call are available at the following link.  Potential candidates are invited to contact us in advance for preliminary interviews. There is also the possibility to begin with an internships at our group during the Summer before the official PhD program starts.  The call will close on  May 31, 2017.  

Contacts: Marcello Federico