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Roldano Cattoni

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  • Phone: +39 0461314547
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Short bio

Born in 1964 in Trento (Italy). In 1989 received degree in computer science with honours. Universita' di Milano (thesis on Knowledge Representation). In 1990 joined the Computer Vision Group at ITC-IRST working for 5 years on planning and control of mobile robots. Since 1997 interested in probabilistic reasoning, in particular Bayesian Belief Networks, applied for visual based monitoring and user profiling. In late 1998 joined the Software Engineering Group at IRST, working in the field of Software Agents and Distributed Computing. In early 2000 joined the Speech Recognition Group, doing research on multi-language translation. After working on Interlingua-based Machine Translation, in 2003 moved to Statistical Machine Translation. In 2007, when ITC-irst changed into FBK , joined the Human Language Technology research unit.

Present Projects: Modern Machine Translation

Past Projects: NewsReader, TOSCA-MP, LiveMemories, JUMAS, Nespole!, SI-TAL, PF-STAR, FAME, TC-STAR, FACTS, FIRST

Research interests
Machine Translation (compound word splitting; large data). Software Architectures (interprocess communication; distributed scalable computing and storing; web services).
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