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Summer Internship Call 2017

Continuing the initiative of the previous years, the HLT-MT research unit is happy to announce the availability of summer internships for BA/BS, MA/MS and PhD students interested in carrying out research projects in the field of machine translation at FBK Trento, Italy. 

Our call addresses motivated students pursuing a degree in NLP, computational linguistics, speech processing, electrical engineering, computer science.

Our Summer Internship Program is an exciting opportunity for students to enrich their scientific background. Under the guidance of an advisor, our internship students will focus on a research topic such that the implementation, the experiments and the analysis of the results are carried out in about 8-12 weeks. 

Our program offers the opportunity to tackle challenging research tasks in Machine Translation,  working with state of the art technologies and a large computing infrastructure (over 1,500 CPUs and 24GPUs). Some of the past internships have led to publications at international conferences.

Motivated students with a valuable curriculum in Machine Translation or  NLP in general are invited to submit their application here (exp. 30 April 2017). 

This call will remain open untill all available positions are covered and anyway no later than 30th April 2017.  The typical duration of the internship is of 8-12 weeks, between 1 June - 30 September, 2017. Applicants will be contacted for an interview and to agree on the exact period of their stay. 

FBK is situated in Trentino area, in the very heart of a superb scenery offered by the Dolomiti Alps. Trento is characterized both by a rich and important cultural heritage and by a vibrant, international student life. By coming to Trento, be ready to meet students from all over the world, be part of exciting ideas and inspiring projects and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Financial Support

For all accepted students we will cover:
• travel expenses to/from Trento (limited contribution)
• local transportation between Trento-FBK
• lodging at the university campus (if requested)
• free lunches at FBK's canteen (Monday-Friday)
• reimbursement of other food expenses (limited contribution)


Marcello Federico<surname> AT fbk <obvious-punctuation-mark-here> eu